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[icon] Re: "Need a b1g 0ne?" "Only if it comes with a pink ribbon!"
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Time:04:03 pm
I'm alive, i just get distracted. :P
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Time:04:52 am
I think Sora really was cheated out of a good ending. Instead of his "oh everyone you go off to the netslum!" something like this should have happened.

Skieth is summoned using the energy from Mimiru, and upon Morgana's command, starts to attack the group. They manage to parry, and get knocked back, before Skieth brings his staff down on Tsukusa. The first blow knocks him down, and it raises for a second, where Sora parrys it twin-bladed. He tells them to leave to the net-slum where their friends are, and proceeds to hold Skieth at bay until they escape. Before Tsukusa leaves, he says "thank you... Friend." Sora becomes impatient, and demands he leaves now, but the picture cuts to his face, where he bears a wide smile. (this is the first real friend he has had, as he normally PKs his way through people) He re-news his attack on Skieth, slicing away at the monster, and it starts to fall back. Sora wise-cracks about how easy the battle is, until Morgana strengthens Skieth, and it picks him from the air, crushing him, and causing his data to be dumped out of the world. In the real world, he slumps forward, mouthing "friend", before passing into a coma.
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Time:10:06 pm
You know, when it all comes down to it, why bother?

I first made a journal, because Sinath told me about it. We made journals about the same time together, as a way to express ourselves, and talk more than we could normally.

(I never got over her...)

After she went, I moved journals, taking some friends, leaving some others behind. I met Jen at the end of the first journal, and then the second journal was similar, but to a different person.

Then I moved, and moved and moved through various reasons. Mostly, I just don't feel at home, and then I up and leave. Or, I'll want to write something, realise that it isn't in the nature of the journal, and then leave. Either way, I have owned more journals than anyone has ever done.

But when it comes down to it, either way I've just tried and tried, to fit in. To make friends. Yet it is always the people around me, that can easily do that. I tried to be flowery. I tried to be all thoughtful and such. I tried so many times, and in the end, I just end up losing the small friends base I already had.

I remember, when I had about 55 people on my list. Then twenties, then tens. Now, I have 4.

I just don't know anymore with this. I mean, what is the purpose of an online journal? Am I doing something wrong, or is my life just of no interest to anyone else? I used to think, that every person, no matter how much they make out they are boring, are interesting, Because it's their own personality that attracts you. They could sit and discuss the current weather, but they could do it in such a way that it never bores you.

You see, I've tried about 10 or more journals. Each time, I hardly make friends, and end up having to drag my old friends through. So, doesn't that mean, that I am boring, and that I should not own a journal?

So why bother.
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Current Music:Jack off Jill - Angels Fuck
Time:06:29 pm
Bad moods always want to be shared.

The follow-on from this morning, carried on to now. I've spent a good few hours just sleeping, to get rid of my mood, but it seems that I haven't. Instead I inflicted it on my mother, being hostile just through her talking to me.

I don't deserve to have people around me.

My tutor said:

Longer reply coming later
You are not "not fit for degrees"

I wonder how many times she checked that, before sending it? If she had missed one not out, I would have probably cancelled my uni course by now. Or maybe it is a mistake, and she put too many nots in.


"I will never make it better
it will always hurt you fucking asshole"

Jack off Jill - Angels Fuck
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Time:09:30 am
Current Mood:enragedenraged
Fuckering Hell.

I go for the bus, being a bit late.
Bus doesn't arrive.

I go for the other bus.
The bus I went for originally, comes and goes.

I wait for this bus.
The bus eventually turns up, the driver looks at my pass, and tells me it's not 9.30. Well, duh I know that. He then kicks me off.

I say sod it, and walk home.
The first bus, arrives again, and goes past without stopping.

Fuck this shit.

No uni for me today.
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Current Music:Royksopp - Remind Me.
Subject:Ok Ok I'm going!
Time:08:33 am
Thought for the moment...

Am I the only one who finds the girl in Royksopp - Remind me, attractive? (Yes, the sims-style girl)

Ok. Going...

When this finishes of course.

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Current Music:Interpol - PDA
Subject:Billy Jean is not my mother
Time:08:11 am
Current Mood:coldcold
Well, This is a good start.

Ok, I'll admit. I don't do my own washing. Ok? Happy now? Bleh!

So, I've noticed (but as the case is, never took notice) of my jeans, boxers and top, in the blue basket downstairs, waiting to be tumble-dried, or dried, or something like that...

So I go downstairs, eat Ready-break (with golden syrup in... that's not good for me...), drink my tea, and then look in this basket. And see the clothing I'm wearing today, not dry.

Three days? Bleh.

I'm sitting in pajama bottoms, the t-shirt I'd picked for today, and that's it. (oh and the obligatory dressing gown, that I always wear in the house, makes me look like some kind of playboy ;) ). I have 2 pairs of loose-fitting black jeans, some cargo pants, and some tight blue jeans. (Please though remember I'm not slim, so your idea of tight, being some fittesque female sliding her form into her jeans, using a shoe-horn, is not a great thing to imagine, when I mention tight blue jeans, ok!)

I dun want to wear the tight blues. My cargos are upstairs with me, and haven't been washed, and all there is, is the jeans from yesterday.


Got to go in 5 mins too. Panic eh?

P.s. Scared of uni.

But you cannot safely say
that while I will be away,
you will not consider sadly
How you helped me to stray
And you will not reach me
I am resenting a position that's past resentment
and now I can't consider,
and now there is this distance, so...

Interpol - PDA (2nd edition)
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Time:11:32 pm

Ok, things.

>Andrew rang me, he woke up 4am the day after the game. Ok. Explains that I guess...
>Bought some stuff (Crimson Skies, Capcom vs SNK 2.0)
>Phantasy Star Online came, and tried it online
>Andrew came over sunday for dinner
>Met up with Mike on thursday, didn't do that much though really

That's about it. Uni tomorrow, so bleh. I don't know if to sleep now or not, my GBA-SP which sits by my bed, and I play when I'm in bed, is now drained of power, so I need to charge it up, but I can't be bothered to go do it now, because I need it now, so... hmm 'm making no sense.

I'm bored as usual. And tired a bit.

I need to lose weight. Anyone got any surefire ways to either lose weight fast, or, keep interest in the methods of losing weight?
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Subject:Fecking, feckering feckers.
Time:06:55 pm

I was supposed to go out today. Town, then back here with Andrew, do some computer stuff, grab an early tea and then go to the vamp night at the gifford pub.

It starts off well, my network cable has arrived so I can stick my x-box into the modem and use x-box live. I made some plans last night on which game I need (Phantasy Star Online 1&2), and so as an after-thought, told mom to ring up and see if they had it in, so they could put it aside for me.

"sorry it's not in."

Well that ruins it. That game has been in stock, in the second hand part, for the past MONTH, and when I decide I want it... it gets bought.

I try all the shops that could sell games in this town, and nothing. So, here I am with the network cable, the burning desire to play this game (I've been waiting for a while now for this) and... nothing.

I was supposed to, at three PM, meet up with andrew. Although he doesn't ring. So I ring. Nothing. I ring later on, nothing. I nod off downstairs for half an hour, after 5pm, and then ring after that, nothing.

The game starts at 7pm. Still nothing. How many hours does he need to sleep? He might work nights but even if he finished at 7, and didn't sleep until 10am, that's still plenty for any normal human.

So I don't go. Especially after the carefully crafted lines that got that Shell girl to pay attention to me.

Now I'm fucked off. Bored. And I am missing 4 episodes to complete .hack//sign series 1, and so I have to wait for them to download.


Nothing goes right for me.
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Current Music:.Hack//Sign OST
Subject:Morni... erm...
Time:04:02 pm
Current Mood:awake
How come I must know
where obsession needs to go
how come I must know
the direction of believing?

deep in the night (far off the light)
losing my headache (losing my headache
visions of light
kising my love ache kissing my loveache

How come I must know (How come I must know)
the direction of believing

How come I must know
where obsession needs to go
how come I must know
where does passion hide it's feeling?"

.Hack//Sign - opening theme
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[icon] Re: "Need a b1g 0ne?" "Only if it comes with a pink ribbon!"
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